MSF is known for its humanitarian medical work, but it has also produced important research based on its field experience. It has published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals and they have often changed clinical practice and been used for humanitarian advocacy. These articles are available for free, in full text - no login required. We sincerely thank the publishers for their permission to archive on this site.

Latest submissions
Rasschaert, Freya; Telfer, Barbara; Lessitala, Faustino; Decroo, Tom; Remartinez, Daniel; Biot, Marc; Candrinho, Baltazar; Mbofana, Francisco; Van Damme, Wim
Harries, A D; Zachariah, R; Ramsay, A; Kumar, A M V; Reid, A J; Terry, R F; Reeder, J C
Maes, Peter; Harries, Anthony D; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Noor, Abdisalan; Snow, Robert W; Tayler-Smith, Katherine; Hinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Zachariah, Rony; Allan, Richard
Molfino, Lucas; Kumar, Ajay M V; Isaakidis, Petros; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Khogali, Mohamed; Hinderaker, Sven G; Magaia, Alice; Lobo, Sheila; Gracia Edwards, Celeste; Walter, Jan
Oladimeji, Olanrewaju; Isaakidis, Petros; Obasanya, Olusegun J; Eltayeb, Osman; Khogali, Mohammed; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Kumar, Ajay M V; Hinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Abdurrahman, Saddiq T; Lawson, Lovett; Cuevas, Luis E


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Apr 18, 2014