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13-Dec-2014 Ebola in Africa: beyond epidemics, reproductive health in crisisDelamou, Alexandre; Hammonds, Rachel M; Caluwaerts, Séverine; Utz, Bettina; Delvaux, Thérèse
11-Dec-2014 Profile of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in a Tropical Medicine Reference Center, Northern ItalyGobbi, Federico; Angheben, Andrea; Anselmi, Mariella; Postiglione, Chiara; Repetto, Ernestina; Buonfrate, Dora; Marocco, Stefania; Tais, Stefano; Chiampan, Andrea; Mainardi, Paride; Bisoffi, Zeno
11-Dec-2014 Management of pregnant women infected with Ebola virus in a treatment centre in Guinea, June 2014Baggi, FM; Taybi, A; Kurth, A; Van Herp, M; Di Caro, A; Wolfel, R; Gunther, S; Decroo, T; Declerck, H; Jonckheere, S
10-Dec-2014 Male Gender is independently associated with pulmonary tuberculosis among sputum and non-sputum producers people with presumptive tuberculosis in Southwestern UgandaBoum, Yap; Atwine, Daniel; Orikiriza, Patrick; Assimwe, Justus; Page, Anne-Laure; Mwanga-Amumpaire, Juliet; Bonnet, Maryline
8-Dec-2014 Descriptive Epidemiology of Typhoid Fever during an Epidemic in Harare, Zimbabwe, 2012Polonsky, Jonathan A; Martínez-Pino, Isabel; Nackers, Fabienne; Chonzi, Prosper; Manangazira, Portia; Van Herp, Michel; Maes, Peter; Porten, Klaudia; Luquero, Francisco J
8-Dec-2014 A Retrospective Analysis of Pediatric Cases Handled by the MSF Tele-Expertise SystemMartinez Garcia, Daniel; Bonnardot, Laurent; Olson, David; Roggeveen, Harriet; Karsten, Jaap; Moons, Peter; Schaefer, Myrto; Liu, Joanne; Wootton, Richard
1-Dec-2014 Comparison of Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption to Phosphatidylethanol Measurement among HIV-Infected Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Treatment in Southwestern UgandaBajunirwe, Francis; Haberer, Jessica E; Boum, Yap; Hunt, Peter; Mocello, Rain; Martin, Jeffrey N; Bangsberg, David R; Hahn, Judith A
1-Dec-2014 Post-licensure deployment of oral cholera vaccines: a systematic reviewMartin, Stephen; Lopez, Anna Lena; Bellos, Anna; Deen, Jacqueline; Ali, Mohammad; Alberti, Kathryn; Anh, Dang Duc; Costa, Alejandro; Grais, Rebecca F; Legros, Dominique; Luquero, Francisco J; Ghai, Megan B; Perea, William; Sack, David A
1-Dec-2014 Training clinicians treating HIV to diagnose cytomegalovirus retinitisHeiden, David; Tun, NiNi; Maningding, Ernest; Heiden, Matthew; Rose-Nussbaumer, Jennifer; Chan, Khin Nyein; Khizniak, Tamara; Yakubenko, Alexandra; Lewallen, Susan; Keenan, Jeremy D; Saranchuk, Peter
1-Dec-2014 Ambulatory tuberculosis treatment in post-Semashko health care systems needs supportive financing mechanismsKohler, S; Asadov, D A; Bründer, A; Healy, S; Khamraev, A K; Sergeeva, N; Tinnemann, P
1-Dec-2014 Expanding Access to HIV Viral Load Testing: A Systematic Review of RNA Stability in EDTA Tubes and PPT beyond Current Time and Temperature ThresholdsBonner, Kimberly; Siemieniuk, Reed A; Boozary, Andrew; Roberts, Teri; Fajardo, Emmanuel; Cohn, Jennifer
30-Nov-2014 Multiple relapses of visceral leishmaniasis in a patient with HIV in India: a treatment challengePatole, Shalom; Burza, Sakib; Varghese, George M.
25-Nov-2014 Impact of Xpert MTB/RIF for TB Diagnosis in a Primary Care Clinic with High TB and HIV Prevalence in South Africa: A Pragmatic Randomised TrialCox, Helen S; Mbhele, Slindile; Mohess, Neisha; Whitelaw, Andrew; Muller, Odelia; Zemanay, Widaad; Little, Francesca; Azevedo, Virginia; Simpson, John; Boehme, Catharina C; Nicol, Mark P
22-Nov-2014 Self-transfer and mortality amongst adults lost to follow-up in ART programmes in low and middle-income countries: systematic review and meta-analysisWilkinson, Lynne S; Skordis-Worrall, Jolene; Ajose, Olawale; Ford, Nathan
19-Nov-2014 The future role of CD4 cell count for monitoring antiretroviral therapyFord, Nathan; Meintjes, Graeme; Pozniak, Anton; Bygrave, Helen; Hill, Andrew; Peter, Trevor; Davies, Mary-Ann; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Calmy, Alexandra; Kumarasamy, N; Phanuphak, Praphan; deBeaudrap, Pierre; Vitoria, Marco; Doherty, Meg; Stevens, Wendy; Siberry, George K
6-Nov-2014 Providing emergency care and assessing a patient triage system in a referral hospital in Somaliland: a cross-sectional studySunyoto, Temmy; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Valles, Pola; Gutierrez, Reinaldo; Ayada, Latifa; Zachariah, Rony; Yassin, Abdi; Hinderaker, Sven; Harries, Anthony D
5-Nov-2014 Picking up the bill - improving health-care utilisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo through user fee subsidisation: a before and after studyMaini, Rishma; Van den Bergh, Rafael; van Griensven, Johan; Tayler-Smith, Katie; Ousley, Janet; Carter, Daniel; Mhatre, Seb; Ho, Lara; Zachariah, Rony
5-Nov-2014 Clinical Presentation of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in Conakry, GuineaBah, Elhadj Ibrahima; Lamah, Marie-Claire; Fletcher, Tom; Jacob, Shevin T; Brett-Major, David M; Sall, Amadou Alpha; Shindo, Nahoko; Fischer, William A; Lamontagne, Francois; Saliou, Sow Mamadou; Bausch, Daniel G; Moumié, Barry; Jagatic, Tim; Sprecher, Armand; Lawler, James V; Mayet, Thierry; Jacquerioz, Frederique A; Baggi, María F Méndez; Vallenas, Constanza; Clement, Christophe; Mardel, Simon; Faye, Ousmane; Faye, Oumar; Soropogui, Baré; Magassouba, Nfaly; Koivogui, Lamine; Pinto, Ruxandra; Fowler, Robert A
5-Nov-2014 Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa - Clinical Manifestations and ManagementChertow, Daniel S; Kleine, Christian; Edwards, Jeffrey K; Scaini, Roberto; Giuliani, Ruggero; Sprecher, Armand
31-Oct-2014 Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infections in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Multi-Country Study from Medecins Sans FrontieresChu, Kathryn; Maine, Rebecca; Trelles, Miguel
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