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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2014 Highly Drug-Resistant Pathogens Implicated In Burn-Associated Bacteremia in an Iraqi Burn Care UnitRonat, Jean-Baptiste; Kakol, Jabar; Khoury, Marwan N; Berthelot, Mathilde; Yun, Oliver; Brown, Vincent; Murphy, Richard A
7-Aug-2014 Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Co-infection in Bihar, India: Long-term Effectiveness and Treatment Outcomes with Liposomal Amphotericin B (AmBisome).Burza, Sakib; Mahajan, Raman; Sinha, Prabhat K; van Griensven, Johan; Pandey, Krishna; Lima, María Angeles; Sanz, Marta Gonzalez; Sunyoto, Temmy; Kumar, Sunil; Mitra, Gaurab; Kumar, Ranjeet; Verma, Neena; Das, Pradeep
7-Aug-2014 A Screen-and-Treat Strategy Targeting Visceral Leishmaniasis in HIV-Infected Individuals in Endemic East African Countries: The Way Forward?van Griensven, Johan; Diro, Ermias; Lopez-Velez, Rogelio; Ritmeijer, Koert; Boelaert, Marleen; Zijlstra, Ed E; Hailu, Asrat; Lynen, Lutgarde
Aug-2014 Community-supported models of care for people on HIV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa.Bemelmans, Marielle; Baert, Saar; Goemaere, Eric; Wilkinson, Lynne; Vandendyck, Martin; van Cutsem, Gilles; Silva, Carlota; Perry, Sharon; Szumilin, Elisabeth; Gerstenhaber, Rodd; Kalenga, Lucien; Biot, Marc; Ford, Nathan
Aug-2014 Different Liposomal Amphotericin B Formulations for Visceral LeishmaniasisDorlo, Thomas P C; Balasegaram, Manica
30-Jul-2014 Clinical features and management of a severe paradoxical reaction associated with combined treatment of Buruli ulcer and HIV co-infectionWanda, Franck; Nkemenang, Patrick; Ehounou, Genevieve; Tchaton, Marie; Comte, Eric; Toutous Trellu, Laurence; Masouyé, Isabelle; Christinet, Vanessa; O' Brien, Daniel P
17-Jul-2014 Visceral Leishmaniasis as an AIDS Defining Condition: Towards Consistency across WHO Guidelinesvan Griensven, Johan; Ritmeijer, Koert; Lynen, Lutgarde; Diro, Ermias
12-Jul-2014 Hypertension and treatment outcomes in Palestine refugees in United Nations Relief and Works Agency primary health care clinics in Jordan.Khader, A; Farajallah, L; Shahin, Y; Hababeh, M; Abu-Zayed, I; Zachariah, R; Kochi, A; Kapur, A; Harries, A D; Shaikh, I; Seita, A
3-Jul-2014 Description of a large measles epidemic in Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010-2013Mancini, Silvia; Coldiron, Matthew E; Ronsse, Axelle; Ilunga, Benoît Kebela; Porten, Klaudia; Grais, Rebecca F
Jul-2014 False-positive Xpert(®) MTB/RIF assays in previously treated patients: need for caution in interpreting results.Boyles, T H; Hughes, J; Cox, V; Burton, R; Meintjes, G; Mendelson, M
28-Jun-2014 Spatial epidemiology and climatic predictors of paediatric dengue infections captured via sentinel site surveillance, Phnom Penh Cambodia 2011-2012.Lover, Andrew A; Buchy, Philippe; Rachline, Anne; Moniboth, Duch; Huy, Rekol; Meng, Chour Y; Leo, Yee Sin; Yuvatha, Kdan; Sophal, Ung; Chantha, Ngan; Y, Bunthin; Duong, Veasna; Goyet, Sophie; Brett, Jeremy L; Tarantola, Arnaud; Cavailler, Philippe
26-Jun-2014 Visceral Leishmaniasis and HIV Coinfection in East AfricaDiro, Ermias; Lynen, Lutgarde; Ritmeijer, Koert; Boelaert, Marleen; Hailu, Asrat; van Griensven, Johan
25-Jun-2014 Offering mental health services in a conflict affected region of Pakistan: who comes, and why?Shah, Safieh; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Van Bellinghen, Benedicte; Severy, Nathalie; Sadiq, Sana; Afridi, Sher Ali; Akhtar, Asma; Maïkére, Jacob; Van Overloop, Catherine; Saeed-Ur-Rehman; Khilji, Tahir Bashir-Ud-Din; Saleem-Ur-Rehman; van Griensven, Johan; Schneider, Serge; Bosman, Philippe; Guillergan, Erwin Lloyd D; Dazzi, Francesca; Zachariah, Rony
21-Jun-2014 Building operational research capacity in the PacificBissel, K; Viney, K; Brostrom, R; Gounder, S; Khogali, M; Kishore, K; Kool, B; Kumar, A. M. V.; Manzi, M; Marais, B; Marks, G; Linh, N. N.; Ram, S; Reid, S; Roseveare, C; Tayler-Smith, K; Van den Bergh, R; Harries, A D
21-Jun-2014 Caring for patients with surgically resectable cancers: experience from a specialised centre in rural RwandaMubiligi, J. M.; Hedt-Gauthier, B.; Mpunga, T.; Tapela, N.; Okao, P.; Harries, A. D.; Edginton, M. E.; Driscoll, C.; Mugabo, L.; Riviello, R.; Shulman, L. N.
21-Jun-2014 Preventable but neglected: rickets in an informal settlement, Nairobi, KenyaEdwards, J. K.; Thiongo, A.; Van den Bergh, R.; Kizito, W.; Kosgei, R. J.; Sobry, A.; Vandenbulcke, A.; Zuniga, I.; Reid, A. J.
21-Jun-2014 How well are asthma treatment cards filled out in public health centres in Gazeera State, Sudan?Kodouda, S. F.; Zachariah, R.; Khogali, M.; van Grievensen, J.; Saeed, M.; Ibrahim, E. H.; Schneider, S.; Adulazeem, S.; El Sadig, H. A.; Atta, R.; Mahgoub, N. G.; El Sony, A. I.
21-Jun-2014 HIV testing and retention in care of infants born to HIV-infected women enrolled in 'Option B+', Thyolo, MalawiPerez, G. Martinez; Metcalf, C.; Garone, D.; Coulborn, R.; Harries, A. D.; Hedt-Gauthier, B.; Murowa, M.; Mwenelupembe, G. S.; Van den Bergh, R.; Duran, L. Triviño
21-Jun-2014 What happens after participants complete a Union-MSF structured operational research training course?Guillerm, N; Tayler-Smith, K; Berger, S. D.; Bissell, K; Kumar, A. M. V.; Ramsay, A; Reid, A. J.; Zachariah, R; Harries, A. D.
21-Jun-2014 The Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative for public health programmesRamsay, A; Harries, A. D.; Zachariah, R; Bissel, K; Hinderaker, S. G.; Edginton, M; Enarson, D. A.; Satyanarayana, S; Kumar, A. M. V.; Hoa, N. B.; Tweya, H; Reid, A. J.; Van den Bergh, R; Tayler-Smith, K; Manzi, M; Khogali, M; Kizito, W; Ali, E; Delaunois, P; Reeder, J. C.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1307


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