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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2015 Improving Men's Participation in Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV as a Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health Priority in South Africavan den Berg, Wessel; Brittain, Kirsty; Mercer, Gareth; Peacock, Dean; Stinson, Kathryn; Janson, Hanna; Dubula, Vuyiseka
27-Mar-2015 An Analysis of Cesarean Section and Emergency Hernia Ratios as Markers of Surgical Capacity in Low-Income Countries Affected by Humanitarian Emergencies from 2008 - 2014 at Médecins sans Frontières Operations Centre Brussels ProjectsStewart, Barclay; Wong, Evan; Papillon-Smith, Jessica; Trelles Centurion, Miguel Antonio; Dominguez, Lynette; Ao, Supongmeren; Jean-Paul, Basimuoneye Kahutsi; Kamal, Mustafa; Helmand, Rahmatullah; Naseer, Aamer; Kushner, Adam L
23-Feb-2015 Good clinical outcomes from a seven years holistic program of fistula repair in GuineaDelamou, Alexandre; Diallo, Moustapha; Beavogui, Abdoul Habib; Delvaux, Thérèse; Millimono, Sita; Kourouma, Mamadi; Beattie, Karen; Barone, Mark; Barry, Thierno Hamidou; Khogali, Mohamed; Edginton, Mary; Hinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Zhang, Wei-Hong; De Brouwere, Vincent
13-Dec-2014 Ebola in Africa: beyond epidemics, reproductive health in crisisDelamou, Alexandre; Hammonds, Rachel M; Caluwaerts, Séverine; Utz, Bettina; Delvaux, Thérèse
11-Dec-2014 Management of pregnant women infected with Ebola virus in a treatment centre in Guinea, June 2014Baggi, FM; Taybi, A; Kurth, A; Van Herp, M; Di Caro, A; Wolfel, R; Gunther, S; Decroo, T; Declerck, H; Jonckheere, S
21-Oct-2014 Knowledge Translation in Africa for 21(st) Century Integrative Biology: The "Know-Do Gap" in Family Planning with Contraceptive Use among Somali WomenAhmed, Ahmed A; Mohamed, Abdullahi A; Guled, Ibrahim A; Elamin, Hayfa M; Abou-Zeid, Alaa H
20-Oct-2014 One Size Fits All? Standardised Provision of Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas in the Democratic Republic of CongoLoko Roka, Jerlie; Van den Bergh, Rafael; Au, Sokhieng; De Plecker, Eva; Zachariah, Rony; Manzi, Marcel; Lambert, Vincent; Abi-Aad, Elias; Nanan-N'Zeth, Kassi; Nzuya, Serge; Omba, Brigitte; Shako, Charly; MuishaBaroki, Derick; Basimuoneye, Jean Paul; Moke, Didier Amudiandroy; Lampaert, Emmanuel; Masangu, Lucien; De Weggheleire, Anja
Oct-2014 Indirect causes of maternal deathSchulte-Hillen, Catrin; Cabrol, Jean-Clèment
21-Jun-2014 Cohort analysis of antenatal care and delivery outcomes in pregnancy: a basis for improving maternal healthHarries, A. D.; Jahn, A.; Ben-Smith, A.; Gadabu, O. J.; Douglas, G. P.; Seita, A.; Khader, A.; Zachariah, R.
Mar-2014 Do non-monetary incentives for pregnant women increase antenatal attendance among Ethiopian pastoralists?Khogali, M.; Zachariah, R.; Reid, A.J.; Alipon, S.C.; Zimble, S.; Gbane, M.; Etienne, W.; Veerman, R.; Hassan, A.; Harries, A.D.
Jan-2014 Keeping it simple: a gender-specific sanitation tool for emergenciesde Lange, Rink; Lenglet, Annick; Francois Fesselet, Jean; Gartley, Martha; Altyev, Azat; Fisher, Julie; Shanks, Leslie
21-Aug-2013 Obstetric Fistula in Burundi: a comprehensive approach to managing women with this neglected diseaseTayler-Smith, Katie; Zachariah, Rony; Manzi, Marcel; van den Boogaard, Wilma; Vandeborne, An; Bishinga, Aristide; De Plecker, Eva; Lambert, Vincent; Christiaens, Bavo; Sinabajije, Gamaliel; Trelles, Miguel; Goetghebuer, Stephan; Reid, Tony; Harries, Anthony
15-Aug-2013 Cholera in Pregnancy: Outcomes from a Specialized Cholera Treatment Unit for Pregnant Women in Léogâne, HaitiCiglenecki, Iza; Bichet, Mathieu; Tena, Javier; Mondesir, Erneau; Bastard, Mathieu; Tran, Nguyen-Toan; Antierens, Annick; Staderini, Nelly; Médecins sans Frontières, Geneva, Switzerland.
13-Aug-2013 HPV infection, cervical abnormalities, and cancer in HIV-infected women in Mumbai, India: 12-month follow-up.Isaakidis, Petros; Pimple, Sharmila; Varghese, Bhanumati; Khan, Samsuddin; Mansoor, Homa; Ladomirska, Joanna; Sharma, Neelakumari; Silva, Esdras Da; Metcalf, Carol; Caluwaerts, Severine; Alders, Petra; Ntzani, Evangelia E; Reid, Tony; Médecins sans Frontières, Mumbai, India ; Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology Unit, Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Ioannina, Greece.
Aug-2013 An ambulance referral network improves access to emergency obstetric and neonatal care in a district of rural Burundi with high maternal mortalityTayler-Smith, K; Zachariah, R; Manzi, M; Van den Boogaard, W; Nyandwi, G; Reid, T; De Plecker, E; Lambert, V; Nicolai, M; Goetghebuer, S; Christiaens, B; Ndelema, B; Kabangu, A; Manirampa, J; Harries, A D; Medical department Operational Research, Medecins sans Frontieres, Luxembourg.
Aug-2013 High maternal and neonatal mortality rates in northern Nigeria: an 8-month observational studyGuerrier, Gilles; Oluyide, Bukola; Keramarou, Maria; Grais, Rebecca
Jul-2013 An obstetrician rebornGarry, R; Médecins Sans Frontières, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
21-Jun-2013 Characteristics, medical management and outcomes of survivors of sexual gender-based violence, Nairobi, KenyaBuard, V.; Van den Bergh, R.; Tayler-Smith, K.; Godia, P.; Sobry, A.; Kosgei, R. J.; Szumilin, E.; Harries, A. D.; Pujades-Rodriguez, M.
21-Jun-2013 High loss to follow-up following obstetric fistula repair surgery in rural Burundi: is there a way forward?Bishinga, A.; Zachariah, R.; Hinderaker, S.; Tayler-Smith, K.; Khogali, M.; van Griensven, J.; van den Boogaard, W.; Tamura, M.; Christiaens, B.; Sinabajije, G.
24-Apr-2013 Adverse events associated with nevirapine use in pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysisFord, Nathan; Calmy, Alexandra; Andrieux-Meyer, Isabelle; Hargreaves, Sally; Mills, Edward J; Shubber, Zara; Médecins Sans Frontières, Geneva, Switzerland.
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