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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2015 Health-seeking behaviour and community perceptions of childhood undernutrition and a community management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) programme in rural Bihar, India: a qualitative study.Burtscher, Doris; Burza, Sakib
27-Jan-2015 Assessing the prevalence of malnutrition in tribal children using MUAC as a screening toolQureshi, Mohtashim; Qureshi, Ihtesham; Syed, Asghar; Kokku, Suresh Babu
1-Sep-2014 Preventing Acute Malnutrition among Young Children in Crises: A Prospective Intervention Study in Niger.Langendorf, Céline; Roederer, Thomas; de Pee, Saskia; Brown, Denise; Doyon, Stéphane; Mamaty, Abdoul-Aziz; Touré, Lynda W-M; Manzo, Mahamane L; Grais, Rebecca F
21-Jun-2013 Peanut-based ready-to-use therapeutic food: acceptability among malnourished children and community workers in BangladeshAli, E.; Zachariah, R.; Dahmane, A.; Van den Boogaard, W.; Shams, Z.; Akter, T.; Alders, P.; Manzi, M.; Allaouna, M.; Draguez, B.; Delchevalerie, P.; Harries, A. D.
6-May-2013 Peanut-based ready-to-use therapeutic food: how acceptable and tolerated is it among malnourished pregnant and lactating women in Bangladesh?Ali, Engy; Zachariah, Rony; Shams, Zubair; Manzi, Marcel; Akter, Tajmary; Alders, Petra; Allaouna, Malik; Delchevalerie, Pascale; Harries, Anthony D
3-May-2013 Observational bias during nutrition surveillance: results of a mixed longitudinal and cross-sectional data collection system in northern NigeriaGrellety, Emmanuel; Luquero, Francisco J; Mambula, Christopher; Adamu, Hassana H; Elder, Greg; Porten, Klaudia; Epicentre, Paris, France.
4-Apr-2013 Severe malnutrition in children presenting to health facilities in an urban slum in BangladeshShams, Z.; Zachariah, R.; Enarson, D. A.; Satyanarayana, S.; Van den Bergh, R.; Ali, E.; Alders, P.; Manzi, M.; Allaouna, M.; Draguez, B.; Delchevalerie, P.; Vernaeve, L.; Harries, A. D.
13-Feb-2013 Using Mid-Upper Arm Circumference to end treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition leads to higher weight gains in the most malnourished childrenDale, Nancy M; Myatt, Mark; Prudhon, Claudine; Briend, André; Department of International Health, University of Tampere Medical School, Tampere, Finland ; Médecins Sans Frontières, Geneva, Switzerland.
Jan-2013 Development of a cross-over randomized trial method to determine the acceptability and safety of novel ready-to-use therapeutic foodsDibari, Filippo; Bahwere, Paluku; Huerga, Helena; Irena, Abel Hailu; Owino, Victor; Collins, Steve; Seal, Andrew
Dec-2012 Intra-household use and acceptability of Ready-to-Use-Supplementary-Foods distributed in Niger between July and December 2010.Cohuet, Sandra; Marquer, Caroline; Shepherd, Susan; Captier, Valérie; Langendorf, Céline; Ale, Franck; Phelan, Kevin; Manzo, Mahamane L; Grais, Rebecca F; Epicentre, 8 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris, France;
Dec-2012 Severe malnutrition in children presenting to health facilities in an urban slum in BangladeshShams, Z.; Zachariah, R.; Enarson, D. A.; Satyanarayana, S.; Van den Bergh, R.; Ali, E.; Alders, P.; Manzi, M.; Allaouna, M.; Draguez, B.; Delchevalerie, P.; Vernaeve, L.; Harries, A. D.
Dec-2012 Does the 65 cm height cut-off as age proxy exclude children eligible for nutritional assessment in Bangladesh?Ali, E.; Zachariah, R.; Hinderaker, S. G.; Satyanarayana, S.; Kizito, W.; Alders, P.; Shams, Z.; Allaouna, M.; Draguez, B.; Delchevalerie, P.; Enarson, D. A.
26-Nov-2012 Mid-Upper Arm Circumference based Nutrition Programming: evidence for a new approach in regions with high burden of Acute MalnutritionGoossens, Sylvie; Bekele, Yodit; Yun, Oliver; Harczi, Géza; Ouannes, Marie; Shepherd, Susan; Médecins Sans Frontières, Paris, France.
12-Sep-2012 Effect of Mass Supplementation with Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food during an anticipated nutritional emergencyGrellety, Emmanuel; Shepherd, Susan; Roederer, Thomas; Manzo, Mahamane L; Doyon, Stéphane; Ategbo, Eric-Alain; Grais, Rebecca F; Epicentre, Paris, France.
Sep-2012 Sentinel site community surveillance of mortality and nutritional status in southwestern Central African Republic, 2010.Caleo, Grazia M; Sy, Aly Penda; Balandine, Serge; Polonsky, Jonathan; Palma, Pedro Pablo; Grais, Rebecca Freeman; Checchi, Francesco; Epicentre, 8 rue Saint-Sabin, Paris, France; Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health, Keppel Street, London, United Kingdom.
22-Jun-2012 Plumpy Nut - How acceptable is it for malnourished pregnant and lactating women in a slum setting in Bangladesh?Ali Engy, Zachariah Rony, Shams Zubair, Akter Tajmary, Manzi Marcel, Vernaeve Lieven, Alders Petra, Soderberg Jenny, Salio Flavio, Allaouna Malik, Draguez Bertrand , Delchelvarie Pascal, Harries Anthony. D.; Médecins Sans Frontières, International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
25-Apr-2012 Ready-to-use therapeutic food for Catch-up Growth in children after an episode of Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria: an open randomised controlled trialvan der Kam, Saskia; Swarthout, Todd; Niragira, Oscar; Froud, Alyson; Sompwe, Eric Mukomena; Mills, Clair; Roll, Stephanie; Tinnemann, Peter; Shanks, Leslie; Médecins Sans Frontières, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
15-Apr-2011 Estimates of the duration of untreated acute malnutrition in children from Niger.Isanaka, Sheila; Grais, Rebecca F; Briend, André; Checchi, Francesco; Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, 665 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, USA.
10-Jan-2011 Nutrition outcomes of HIV-infected malnourished adults treated with ready-to-use therapeutic food in sub-Saharan Africa: a longitudinal study.Ahoua, Laurence; Umutoni, Chantal; Huerga, Helena; Minetti, Andrea; Szumilin, Elisabeth; Balkan, Suna; Olson, David M; Nicholas, Sarala; Pujades-Rodriguez, Mar
23-Nov-2010 Acute Malnutrition and Under-5 Mortality, Northeastern Part of India.Espié, Emmanuelle; Roure Pujol, Carme; Masferrer, Maria; Saint-Sauveur, Jean-François; Palma Urrutia, Pedro Pablo; Grais, Rebecca F; Epicentre, Paris, France; Medecins Sans Frontieres, OCB, Belgium
Showing results 1 to 20 of 49


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