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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Accelerated HIV testing for PMTCT in maternity and labour wards is vital to capture mothers at a critical point in the programme at district levelBeltman, JJ; Fitzgerald, M; Buhendwa, L; Moens, M; Zachariah, R; Kazima, J; Allde, N
Aug-2008 Achieving universal access to antiretroviral therapy in a rural district in Malawi: how was it done?Massaquoi, M; Nalingunkwi, R; Von Pilar, U; Mwagomba, B; Bemelmans, M; Zachariah, R; Harries, A D
Oct-2008 Added value of bleach sedimentation microscopy for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: cost-effectiveness studyBonnet, Maryline; Tajahmady, A; Guithuy, W; Ramsay, A; Gagnidze, L; Varaine, F
Aug-2008 Analysis of clinical and immunological outcomes of an HIV positive paediaric cohort treated at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo, ZimbabweNyathi, M N; Ndebele, W; Alons, E; Palma, Pedro Pablo; Roddy, Paul
2006 Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) outcomes in children <13 years of age in resource-limeted countries (RLCs): a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) cohortOlson, David; MSF HIV/AIDS Working Group
Oct-2008 Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance survey in West Nile, UgandaAhoua, Laurence; Sauvageot, D; Edemaga, D; Martin, A; Umutoni, C; Odama, A; Omale, W; Olson, D; Bonte, L; Adatu-Engwau, M; Bonnet, Maryline
2006 Antiretroviral Therapy in Intravenous Drug Users: Results from a Comprehensive Routine HIV Care Project in Nanning, Southern China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionDurier, N; Loke, C; Yang, Y; Tang, Z; Balkan, Suna; Lu, Z; Sauvageot, D
2006 Antiretroviral treatment can be successfull within a prison setting: The experience from Bangkwang Central Prison, Thailand.Srisuphanthavorn, M; Chayatub, B; Chua, Arlene; Ngammee, V; Cavallier, Philippe; Zachariah, R; Wilson, David
19-Mar-2008 Antiretroviral treatment outcomes in patients who received rifampicin together with nevirapine or efavirenz.Van Cutsem G; Hilderbrand K; Boulle, A; Cohen, Karen; Goemaere, Eric; MSF Brussels
Aug-2008 Appropriate counseling approach to disclose HIV status to HIV-infected children: Chiradzulu, MalawiBouithy, N; Chimbudzi, F; Makata, T; Le Paih, M; Jeannin, A; Szumilin, Elisabeth; Munger, A; Blasco, P; PcGuire
2010 Brief Summary of MSF Medical Publications 2010Brinkman, Matthew; Yun, Oliver; MSF USA
Sep-2011 Burden of cervical abnormalities and cancer in a cohort of HIV-infected women in Mumbai, IndiaIsaakidis P; Pimple S; Varghese B; Da Silva E; Mansoor H; Ladomirska J; Sharma N; Caluwaerts S; Reid T; MSF OCB
Aug-2008 Cervial cancer screening among HIV-positive women in rural Cambodia: a pilot programmeRaguenaud, Marie-Eve; Isaakidis, P; Khim, S A; Ping, C; Kim, C; Martello, L; Reid, Tony
2006 The challenge of HIV/AIDS communication in the Islamic community in ThailandLawan, Sarovat; Anchan, Singchai
2006 The Challenges of Integrating HIV Prevention and Care into Existing Health Services in Resource-Limited SettingsCirera, A; Mitjavilla, F; Villa, L; Mansilla, C; Morote, S; Ibanez, F
2001 Cholera epidemic controlZachariah, R
Sep-2011 Chronic Hepatitis B treatment outcomes in HIV co-infected patients in Mumbai, IndiaIsaakidis P; Mansoor H; Varghese B; Da Silva E; Deshpande A; Dal Molin T; Arnould L; Zachariah R; Reid T; MSF OCB
2006 Comparative study of the cost of paediatric formulations of antiretroviral drugs.Pascual, Fernando; Perez, C; Vasan, A
2006 Comprehensive HIV care and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in a conflict setting-outcomes, experiences, and lessons learned from Bukavu, Democratic Republic of CongoTu, D; Culbert, Heather; Amisi, T; Shanks, L; O'Brien, Daniel P; Ellman, Tom; Mills, C; Ford, N; Chan, K
2006 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis is an important problem that is being missed in HIV-positive individuals attending routine clinics in Cambodia.Janssens, Bart; Heiden, D; Sarin, S; Zachariah, R
Showing results 1 to 20 of 93


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