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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2014 Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa - Clinical Manifestations and ManagementChertow, Daniel S; Kleine, Christian; Edwards, Jeffrey K; Scaini, Roberto; Giuliani, Ruggero; Sprecher, Armand
5-Nov-2014 Clinical Presentation of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in Conakry, GuineaBah, Elhadj Ibrahima; Lamah, Marie-Claire; Fletcher, Tom; Jacob, Shevin T; Brett-Major, David M; Sall, Amadou Alpha; Shindo, Nahoko; Fischer, William A; Lamontagne, Francois; Saliou, Sow Mamadou; Bausch, Daniel G; Moumié, Barry; Jagatic, Tim; Sprecher, Armand; Lawler, James V; Mayet, Thierry; Jacquerioz, Frederique A; Baggi, María F Méndez; Vallenas, Constanza; Clement, Christophe; Mardel, Simon; Faye, Ousmane; Faye, Oumar; Soropogui, Baré; Magassouba, Nfaly; Koivogui, Lamine; Pinto, Ruxandra; Fowler, Robert A
23-Oct-2014 Physiotherapy for poliomyelitis: a descriptive study in the Republic of CongoMancini, Silvia; Coldiron, Matthew E; Nicholas, Sarala; Llosa, Augusto E; Mouniaman-Nara, Isabelle; Ngala, Joseph; Grais, Rebecca F; Porten, Klaudia
22-Oct-2014 Ebola outbreak in Conakry, Guinea: Epidemiological, clinical, and outcome featuresBarry, M; Traoré, F A; Sako, F B; Kpamy, D O; Bah, E I; Poncin, M; Keita, S; Cisse, M; Touré, A
9-Oct-2014 Describing readmissions to an Ebola case management centre (CMC), Sierra Leone, 2014Fitzpatrick, G; Vogt, F; Moi Gbabai, Ob; Black, B; Santantonio, M; Folkesson, E; Decroo, T; Van Herp, M
Sep-2014 [Icterus, anemia and acute abdomen].Sträuli, C; Richter, H J; Blanc, C
27-Aug-2014 Face to Face with Ebola - An Emergency Care Center in Sierra Leone.Wolz, Anja
26-Aug-2014 The Development of a Multilingual Tool for Facilitating the Primary-Specialty Care Interface in Low Resource Settings: the MSF Tele-Expertise SystemBonnardot, Laurent; Liu, Joanne; Wootton, Elizabeth; Amoros, Isabel; Olson, David; Wong, Sidney; Wootton, Richard
23-Aug-2014 Hepatitis B virus in the Lao People's Democratic Republic: A Cross Sectional Serosurvey in Different Cohorts.Black, Antony P; Nouanthong, Phonethipsavanh; Nanthavong, Naphavan; Souvannaso, Chanthasone; Vilivong, Keooudomphone; Jutavijittum, Prapan; Samountry, Bounthome; Lütteke, Nina; Hübschen, Judith M; Goossens, Sylvie; Quet, Fabrice; Buisson, Yves; Muller, Claude P
12-Aug-2014 Preventable but neglected: rickets in an informal settlement, Nairobi, KenyaEdwards, J. K.; Thiongó, A.; Van den Bergh, R.; Kizito, W.; Kosgei, R. J.; Sobry, A.; Vandenbulcke, A.; Zuniga, I.; Reid, A. J.
11-Aug-2014 Highly Drug-Resistant Pathogens Implicated In Burn-Associated Bacteremia in an Iraqi Burn Care UnitRonat, Jean-Baptiste; Kakol, Jabar; Khoury, Marwan N; Berthelot, Mathilde; Yun, Oliver; Brown, Vincent; Murphy, Richard A
12-Jul-2014 Hypertension and treatment outcomes in Palestine refugees in United Nations Relief and Works Agency primary health care clinics in Jordan.Khader, A; Farajallah, L; Shahin, Y; Hababeh, M; Abu-Zayed, I; Zachariah, R; Kochi, A; Kapur, A; Harries, A D; Shaikh, I; Seita, A
3-Jul-2014 Description of a large measles epidemic in Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010-2013Mancini, Silvia; Coldiron, Matthew E; Ronsse, Axelle; Ilunga, Benoît Kebela; Porten, Klaudia; Grais, Rebecca F
28-Jun-2014 Spatial epidemiology and climatic predictors of paediatric dengue infections captured via sentinel site surveillance, Phnom Penh Cambodia 2011-2012.Lover, Andrew A; Buchy, Philippe; Rachline, Anne; Moniboth, Duch; Huy, Rekol; Meng, Chour Y; Leo, Yee Sin; Yuvatha, Kdan; Sophal, Ung; Chantha, Ngan; Y, Bunthin; Duong, Veasna; Goyet, Sophie; Brett, Jeremy L; Tarantola, Arnaud; Cavailler, Philippe
5-Jun-2014 Factors Affecting Perceived Stigma in Leprosy Affected Persons in Western NepalAdhikari, Bipin; Kaehler, Nils; Chapman, Robert S.; Raut, Shristi; Roche, Paul; Akogun, Oladele B.
16-Apr-2014 Emergence of Zaire Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea - Preliminary ReportBaize, Sylvain; Pannetier, Delphine; Oestereich, Lisa; Rieger, Toni; Koivogui, Lamine; Magassouba, N'faly; Soropogui, Barrè; Sow, Mamadou Saliou; Keïta, Sakoba; De Clerck, Hilde; Tiffany, Amanda; Dominguez, Gemma; Loua, Mathieu; Traoré, Alexis; Kolié, Moussa; Malano, Emmanuel Roland; Heleze, Emmanuel; Bocquin, Anne; Mély, Stephane; Raoul, Hervé; Caro, Valérie; Cadar, Dániel; Gabriel, Martin; Pahlmann, Meike; Tappe, Dennis; Schmidt-Chanasit, Jonas; Impouma, Benido; Diallo, Abdoul Karim; Formenty, Pierre; Van Herp, Michel; Günther, Stephan
Mar-2014 Rotavirus Surveillance in Urban and Rural Areas of Niger, April 2010–March 2012Page, Anne-Laure; Jusot, Viviane; Mamaty, Abdoul-Aziz; Adamou, Lagare; Kaplon, Jérôme; Pothier, Pierre; Djibo, Ali; Manzo, Mahamane L.; Toure, Brahima; Langendorf, Céline; Collard, Jean-Marc; Grais, Rebecca F.
Mar-2014 Constraints in the diagnosis and treatment of Lassa Fever and the effect on mortality in hospitalized children and women with obstetric conditions in a rural district hospital in Sierra LeoneDahmane, A; van Griensven, J; Van Herp, M; Van den Bergh, R; Nzomukunda, Y; Prior, J; Alders, P; Jambai, A; Zachariah, R
10-Feb-2014 Emerging Filoviral Disease in Uganda: Proposed Explanations and Research DirectionsPolonsky, Jonathan A; Wamala, Joseph F; de Clerck, Hilde; Van Herp, Michel; Sprecher, Armand; Porten, Klaudia; Shoemaker, Trevor
Feb-2014 Treatment outcomes in a cohort of Palestine refugees with diabetes mellitus followed through use of E-Health over 3 years in JordanKhader, Ali; Ballout, Ghada; Shahin, Yousef; Hababeh, Majed; Farajallah, Loai; Zeidan, Wafaa; Abu-Zayed, Ishtaiwi; Kochi, Arata; Harries, Anthony D; Zachariah, Rony; Kapur, Anil; Shaikh, Irshad; Seita, Akihiro
Showing results 1 to 20 of 186


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