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Title: Safe Water for the Aral Sea Area: Could it get Any Worse?
Authors: Small, Ian
Falzon, Dennis
van der Meer, J
Ford, Nathan
Affiliation: Médecins Sans Frontières, Aral Sea Programme, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Citation: Safe Water for the Aral Sea Area: Could it get Any Worse? 2003, 13 (1):87-9notEur J Public Health
Publisher: Published by Oxford University Press
Journal: European Journal of Public Health
Issue Date: Mar-2003
PubMed ID: 12678322
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Abstract: The environmental adversities around the Aral Sea in Central Asia have been the subject of recent research. Attempts at sustainable provision of palatable drinking water in low chemical and microbial contaminants for the 4 million people in the two countries around the Aral littoral have been largely unsuccessful. In the last few years, severe drought has further depleted the amount of available water. This shortage has negatively impacted on agriculture, and accentuated the out migration of people. An appeal is made to assist the local population in this arid area to cope with the acute and chronic deterioration of water security.
Language: en
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MeSH: Agriculture
Asia, Central
Fresh Water
Natural Disasters
Oceans and Seas
Public Health
Water Microbiology
Water Pollutants, Chemical
Water Pollution
Water Supply
ISSN: 1101-1262
Rights: Archived on this site with kind permission from Oxford University Press and European Journal of Public Health
Appears in topics: Environmental Health

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