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MSF Research Protocols : [12]

This section contains MSF research protocols and their ethics reviews. These materials can be used, adapted and copied as long as citation of the source is given including the direct URL to the material. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License:, Where pdf files have been uploaded, Word versions of these files may be available on request from the primary investigator - contact details are included in each protocol.

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Latest submissions in this topic
Diro, Ermias; van Griensven, Johan; Hailu, Asrat; Ritmeijer, Koert; Gryseels, Bruno
Hailu, Asrat; Diro, Ermias; Kolja, Stille; Ritmeijer, Koert; Yifru, Sisay; van Griensven, Johan; Zijlstra, Ed; Dorlo, Thomas
de Lange, Rink; Fisher, Julie; Fesselet, Jean Francois; Shanks, Leslie
Horter, Shona; Collins, Beverley; Du Cros, Philipp; Casas, Esther; Amin, Shoaib; Kasozi, Samuel
du Cros, Philipp; Atadjan, Khamraev; Mirzagalib, Tillashaikhov; Nargiza, Parpieva; Zinaida, Tigay; Marjan, Sholtaeva; Tleubergen, Abdrasuliev; Betlam, Marttje; Wise, Emily; Ashagre, Teshome; Kuhlin, Johanna; Slyzkyi, Andrii; Taye, Alia; Dietrich, Sebastian; Nyangwa, Bern-Thomas; Greig, Jane; Hepple, Pamela; Cooke, Graham; Herboczek, Krzysztof; Asif, Muhammad; Achar, Jay; Berry, Catherine


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