• Hippopotamus bite morbidity: a report of 11 cases from Burundi.

      Haddara, MM; Haberisoni, JB; Trelles, M; Gohou, JP; Christella, K; Dominguez, L; Ali, E (Oxford University Press, 2020-08-10)
      Hippopotamus is one of the most-loved animals in Africa, yet it is aggressive and dangerous. The co-existence of humans in close proximity to their natural habitat increases the probability of human injury. Hippopotamus attacks have long been recognized to cause serious injuries, but its magnitude and burden are still unknown. The medical literature is very scarce when it comes to documenting hippopotamus bite injuries and their outcomes. We present a cohort of 11 patients who suffered hippopotamus bite injuries in Burundi. To our knowledge, this is the largest case series reporting on the clinical presentation, injury patterns and surgical outcomes of hippopotamus bites. The results show a high incidence of wound infections, amputations and permanent disability among other complications. Hippopotamus-inflicted injuries should, therefore, be triaged as major trauma rather than just 'mammalian bites'.