• Measles Outbreak in a Refugee Settlement in Calais, France: January to February 2016

      Jones, G; Haeghebaert, S; Merlin, B; Antona, D; Simon, N; Elmouden, M; Battist, F; Janssens, M; Wyndels, K; Chaud, P (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2016-03-17)
      We report a measles outbreak in a refugee settlement in Calais, France, between 5 January and 11 February 2016. In total, 13 confirmed measles cases were identified among migrants, healthcare workers in hospital and volunteers working on site. A large scale vaccination campaign was carried out in the settlement within two weeks of outbreak notification. In total, 60% of the estimated target population of 3,500 refugees was vaccinated during the week-long campaign.