• Significant sequelae after bacterial meningitis in Niger: a cohort study

      Jusot, J-F; Tohon, Z; Yazi, A A; Collard, J-M; Epidemiology/Health-Environment-Climate Unit, Centre de Recherche Médicale et Sanitaire, PO Box 10887, Niamey, Niger (BioMed Central (Springer Science), 2013-05-21)
      Beside high mortality, acute bacterial meningitis may lead to a high frequency of neuropsychological sequelae. The Sahelian countries belonging to the meningitis belt experience approximately 50% of the meningitis cases occurring in the world. Studies in Africa have shown that N. meningitidis could cause hearing loss in up to 30% of the cases, exceeding sometimes measles. The situation is similar in Niger which experiences yearly meningitis epidemics and where rehabilitation wards are rare and hearing aids remain unaffordable. The aim of this study was to estimate the frequency of neuropsychological sequelae after acute bacterial meningitis in four of the eight regions of Niger.