• Prevalence of depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress related symptoms in the Kashmir Valley – a cross sectional study, 2015.

      Housen, Tambri; Shah, Showkat; Janes, Simon; Pintaldi, Govanni; Lenglet, Annick; Ariti, Cono; MSF-OCA (2018-07)
      Objectives 1.5 Primary objective To estimate prevalence of mental health related problems, specifically depression/anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms in the Kashmir Valley and to determine the accessibility to mental health services. 1.6 Specific objectives • Using validated screening tools determine the percentage of people with depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms in Kashmir; • To correlate scores obtained on validated mental health screening tools with individual psychiatric evaluations using the mini international neuropsychiatric interview (MINI); • To explore local knowledge and perceptions of mental illness in Kashmir; • To determine the level of access to mental heath services across Kashmir; • To identify mental health service needs perceived by the Kashmiri community. 1.7 Goal To provide an updated insight into current mental health needs in Kashmir, which will help MSF to increase relevance and impact of current activities in Kashmir and to advocate for supportive programming and policy review.