• A rapid screening tool for Psychological Distress in children 3-6 years old: results of a Validation Study

      Marquer, C; Barry, C; Mouchenik, Y; Hustache, S; Djibo, D; Manzo, M; Falissard, B; Révah-Lévy, A; Grais, RF; Moro, M-R; et al. (2012-08-16)
      The mental health needs of young children in humanitarian contexts often remain unaddressed. The lack of a validated, rapid and simple tool for screening combined with few mental health professionals able to accurately diagnose and provide appropriate care mean that young children remain without care. Here, we present the results of the principle cross-cultural validation of the "Psychological Screening for Young Children aged 3 to 6" (PSYCAa3-6). The PSYCa 3-6 is a simple scale for children 3 to 6 years old administered by non-specialists, to screen young children in crises and thereby refer them to care if needed.