• Outcomes of Children Born to Pregnant Women With Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Treated With Novel Drugs in Khayelitsha, South Africa: A Report of Five Patients.

      Acquah, R; Mohr-Holland, E; Daniels, J; Furin, J; Loveday, M; Mudaly, V; Reuter, A (Williams & Wilkins, 2021-05-01)
      This brief report presents a series of 5 pregnant women treated for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis with the novel drugs bedaquiline, delamanid, and linezolid as part of an optimized backbone regimen and reviews the outcomes of the children born to them. Although the case series is small, all children had excellent birth outcomes suggesting pregnant women should not be denied access to novel therapies for RR-TB.
    • Preventing tuberculosis in children: A global health emergency

      Reuter, A; Seddon, JA; Marais, BJ; Furin, J (Elsevier, 2020-03-05)
      It is estimated that 20 million children are exposed to tuberculosis (TB) each year, making TB a global paediatric health emergency. TB preventative efforts have long been overlooked. With the view of achieving “TB elimination” in “our lifetime”, this paper explores challenges and potential solutions in the TB prevention cascade, including identifying children who have been exposed to TB; detecting TB infection in these children; identifying those at highest risk of progressing to disease; implementing treatment of TB infection; and mobilizing multiple stakeholders support to successfully prevent TB.