• Getting it right for children: improving tuberculosis treatment access and new treatment options

      Brigden, Grania; Furin, Jennifer; Van Gulik, Clara; Marais, Ben (Informa Healthcare/Expert Reviews - We regret that this article is behind a paywall., 2015-03-05)
      Children were often the forgotten victims of the global tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, neglected by traditional TB services as well as maternal and child health initiatives. Luckily this is changing with a greater focus on children and the issues regarding their optimal management. A common misconception is that children with TB are always difficult to diagnose and treat. New diagnostic tools are urgently needed, but most children with TB in high-burden settings can be diagnosed with available approaches and treatment outcomes are generally excellent. Increased TB awareness, appropriate training of health care workers and inclusion in integrated management of childhood illness strategies will improve the access and quality of care that children receive. This review highlights what needs to be done to ensure that no child unnecessarily dies from TB and provides a brief overview of new advances in the field.