• Effect of Short-Term Supplementation with Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food or Micronutrients for Children after Illness for Prevention of Malnutrition: A Randomised Controlled Trial in Uganda

      van der Kam, S; Roll, S; Swarthout, T; Edyegu-Otelu, G; Matsumoto, A; Kasujja, F X; Casademont, C; Shanks, L; Salse-Ubach, N (Public Library of Science, 2016-02-09)
      Globally, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) treats more than 300,000 severely malnourished children annually. Malnutrition is not only caused by lack of food but also by illnesses and by poor infant and child feeding practices. Breaking the vicious cycle of illness and malnutrition by providing ill children with nutritional supplementation is a potentially powerful strategy for preventing malnutrition that has not been adequately investigated. Therefore, MSF investigated whether incidence of malnutrition among ill children <5 y old could be reduced by providing a fortified food product or micronutrients during their 2-wk convalescence period. Two trials, one in Nigeria and one in Uganda, were conducted; here, we report on the trial that took place in Kaabong, a poor agropastoral region of Karamoja, in east Uganda. While the region of Karamoja shows an acute malnutrition rate between 8.4% and 11.5% of which 2% to 3% severe malnutrition, more than half (58%) of the population in the district of Kaabong is considered food insecure.
    • Mortality and Causes of Mortality in Children 6-59 Months of Age Admitted to Inpatient Therapeutic Feeding Centres in Niger

      Tapié de Céleyran, F; Hanson, K; Ferreyra, C; Salse, N; Tshialala, D; Casademont, C; Grais, R; Huerga, H (ENN., 2017-02)