• Oral cholera vaccine in cholera prevention and control, Malawi

      M'bangombe, M; Pezzoli, L; Reeder, B; Kabuluzi, S; Msyamboza, K; Masuku, H; Ngwira, B; Cavailler, P; Grandesso, F; Palomares, A; et al. (World Health Organization, 2018-06-01)
      With limited global supplies of oral cholera vaccine, countries need to identify priority areas for vaccination while longer-term solutions, such as water and sanitation infrastructure, are being developed.
    • Urban Cholera transmission hotspots and their implications for Reactive Vaccination: evidence from Bissau city, Guinea Bissau

      Azman, A S; Luquero, F J; Rodrigues, A; Palma, P P; Grais, RF; Banga, C N; Grenfell, B T; Lessler, J; Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America. (2012-11-08)
      Use of cholera vaccines in response to epidemics (reactive vaccination) may provide an effective supplement to traditional control measures. In Haiti, reactive vaccination was considered but, until recently, rejected in part due to limited global supply of vaccine. Using Bissau City, Guinea-Bissau as a case study, we explore neighborhood-level transmission dynamics to understand if, with limited vaccine and likely delays, reactive vaccination can significantly change the course of a cholera epidemic.