• The Contribution of a Non-Governmental Organisation's Community Based Tuberculosis Care Programme to Case Finding in Myanmar: Trend Over Time

      Maung, HM; Saw, S; Isaakidis, P; Khogali, M; Reid, A; Hoa, NB; Zaw, KK; Thein, S; Aung, ST (BioMed Central, 2017-04-03)
      It is estimated that the standard, passive case finding (PCF) strategy for detecting cases of tuberculosis (TB) in Myanmar has not been successful: 26% of cases are missing. Therefore, alternative strategies, such as active case finding (ACF) by community volunteers, have been initiated since 2011. This study aimed to assess the contribution of a Community Based TB Care Programme (CBTC) by local non-government organizations (NGOs) to TB case finding in Myanmar over 4 years.