• Burden of surgical disease: strategies to manage an existing public health emergency.

      McQueen, K A K; Parmar, P; Kene, M; Broaddus, S; Casey, K; Chu, K; Hyder, J A; Mihailovic, A; Semer, N; Sullivan, S R; et al. (2009-07)
      The World Health Organization estimates that the burden of surgical disease due to war, self-inflicted injuries, and road traffic incidents will rise dramatically by 2020. During the 2009 Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's Humanitarian Action Summit (HHI/HAS),members of the Burden of Surgical Disease Working Group met to review the state of surgical epidemiology, the unmet global surgical need, and the role international organizations play in filling the surgical gap during humanitarian crises, conflict, and war. An outline of the group's findings and recommendations is provided.