• Research Protocol - Evaluating the effectiveness and burden of diabetes care in a complex humanitarian emergency setting in Mweso, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 2015

      Caleo, Grazia; Ngadjo, Cyril; Roberts, Bayard; Kitembo, Augustin Wika; Jobanputra, Kiran; Perel, Pablo; de la Croix, Jean; Preito, DAvid; SAdique, Zia; de Wit, Marit; MSF UK, London; Ministry of Health, Mweso, DRC; LSHTM, London; MSF OCA, DRC; LSHTM, London; MSF OCA, DRC; MSF OCA, DRC; LSHTM, London; LSHTM, London; MSF OCA, Amsterdam (2015-08-03)
      Overall aim: To evaluate IDC-OPD in Mweso health zone, North Kivu, DRC. The specific objectives are to examine: • The reach (coverage) of the diabetes service to the intended target population. • The effectiveness of IDC-OPD in improving diabetes outcomes (fasting blood glucose and complications) • Adoption / acceptance of IDC-OPD by staff and patients • Implementation of IDC-OPD in terms of consistency/fidelity, adaptation and costs • Maintenance of IDC-OPD in patients and programme over time