• Case-study: A retrospective assessment of transmission of Ebola virus disease (EVD) through a rural Sierra Leonean community and the impact on mortality and health seeking behaviours.

      Duncombe, Jennifer; Caleo, Grazia; Mills, Clair; Passmore, Charlotte; Kremer, Ronald; Lokuge, Kamalini; Greig, Jane; Lamin, Manjo; MSF-OCA (2018-07)
      OBJECTIVES 2.1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES  To provide a comprehensive description of mortality and transmission of EVD and the community response to EVD in one rural Sierra Leonean community in Kailahun District throughout the course of an outbreak. 2.2. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES 1. Describe the transmission and associated morbidity and mortality of EVD within the village throughout the course of the outbreak, with particular attention to the period prior to the MSF Ebola Management Centre (EMC) opening in Kailahun district (May-June 2014) and the period during which it was receiving cases from the village under study (July-November 2014). 2. Estimate overall and cause-specific mortality (EVD and non-EVD) in under-5 and 5 and older populations within the study village 3. Estimate the secondary cases due to Ebola in quarantined and non-quarantined households. 4. Document the broader impact of the Ebola virus outbreak on health-seeking behaviours and disease outcomes in general, including changes in access to healthcare, illness beliefs and perceptions of healthcare providers. 5. Determine level and factors associated with access and uptake of MSF EMC services within affected households.