• Improving utilisation of services for sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV): knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceptions (KAP) in Jahangipuri, Delhi India protocol

      Himanshu, M; Sharmin, Sabrina; Renjhen, Prachi; Saheb, Baba; Gupta, Vinita; MSF-OCA (2018-07)
      2 Research question and objectives 2.1 Research question To identify factors that could improve SGBV service utilisation and acceptance amongst MSF’s catchment population in Delhi, India 2.2 Primary objective To understand how to improve utilization of SGBV services for the population in MSF catchment area Delhi, India 2.3 Specific objectives 1. To understand community knowledge related to SGBV, including its consequences, treatment and clinical services 2. To understand attitudes towards health aspects of SGBV 3. To explore practices related to SGBV care seeking pathways, including barriers and enablers affecting service access and uptake 4. To understand which strategies/activities people consider would be effective in improving access and uptake of clinical services by survivors of SGBV