• Research Protocol - The Impact of a Tick-Sheet in Improving Interpretation Accuracy of Chest Radiographs by Non-Specialists in an HIV positive cohort

      Kosack, Cara; Bonnet, Maryline; Spijker, Saskia; Mesic, Anita; Joekes, Elizabeth; Médecins Sans Frontières – International; Epicentre; Médecins Sans Frontières – International; Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland; LSTM, UK (2014-06)
      Primary objective of this study: To determine if the application of a tick-sheet after four hour training on its use and on CXR interpretation, improves the interpretation accuracy of CXRs for active TB, by non-specialists, in an HIV-positive cohort. Secondary objective: To determine whether the application of a tick-sheet reduces the inter-reader variability of CXR interpretation in a group.