• Review of MSF-OCA surveillance and alert response in Freetown during the Ebola outbreak: lessons learned and challenges

      West, Kim; Greig, Jane; Lokuge, Kamalini; Caleo, Grazia; Stringer, Beverley; Korr, Gerit Solveig; MSF-OCA (2018-07)
      Aim: To reduce suffering, morbidity and mortality by containing and reducing the spread of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), while preserving human dignity for the affected population in Sierra Leone. Purpose: To reduce and ultimately eliminate the transmission of EVD in a defined catchment population in Freetown. Objectives: • Provide epidemiological technical support to intensify surveillance, supervision of the alert response and enhanced case investigation in the defined area. • Assess and respond to current gaps in infection prevention and control, water and sanitation, and triage in health facilities within the defined area. • Assess community social mobilisation, health promotion, contact tracing and quarantine interventions in the defined area and respond to any gaps through advocacy towards the relevant pillar/organization and/or through direct MSF intervention. • Prioritise MSF and health staff safety & biosecurity at all times • Medical (non-Ebola) and humanitarian needs of the population are monitored, recorded, analysed and responded to through advocacy or MSF action.