• Catastrophic costs of tuberculosis care: a mixed methods study from Puducherry, India

      Prasanna, T; Jeyashree, K; Chinnakali, P; Bahurupi, Y; Vasudevan, K; Das, M (Taylor & Francis Open, 2018)
      The average expenditure incurred by patients in low- and middle-income countries towards diagnosis and treatment of TB ranges from $55 to $8198. This out-of-pocket expenditure leads to impoverishment of households. One of the three main targets of the End TB Strategy (2016-2035) is that no TB-affected household suffers catastrophic costs due to TB. Study setting was free care under national tuberculosis program (NTP), Puducherry district, India.
    • Comparing Yield and Relative Costs of WHO TB Screening Algorithms in Selected Risk Groups Among People Aged 65 Years and Over in China, 2013

      Zhang, C; Ruan, Y; Cheng, J; Zhao, F; Xia, Y; Zhang, H; Wilkinson, E; Das, M; Li, J; Chen, W; Hu, D; Jeyashree, K; Wang, L (Public Library of Science, 2017-06-08)
      To calculate the yield and cost per diagnosed tuberculosis (TB) case for three World Health Organization screening algorithms and one using the Chinese National TB program (NTP) TB suspect definitions, using data from a TB prevalence survey of people aged 65 years and over in China, 2013.